The Plane
Too often aviation is perceived as being only for "rich people." Nexaer recognizes the need for new, affordable, modern airplanes that are fun and easy to fly, and that these airplanes should be available as factory-finished aircraft.

The Nexaer LS1 is a personal aircraft that will be classified as a "Light Sport Airplane" under the new FAA Sport Pilot Rule. Our airplane will be ideal for flight training and recreational flight. Additionally, our aircraft is designed around four important customer-oriented principles: style, comfort, safety and performance.

Style - Many aircraft exhibit angular or awkward lines with countless rows of rivets, but our molded carbon fiber composite structure allows us to create a sleek, smooth design. Our goal is to build aircraft that have a modern appeal, but will retain the familiarity that pilots will appreciate.

Comfort - Too many aircraft are designed with drag reduction as the highest priority. At Nexaer, we believe the customer is the highest priority. Therefore, the Nexaer LS1 will be the most spacious, comfortable aircraft in its class, with ergonomic seating and an "automotive" feel.

Safety - Needless to say, customer safety is of utmost concern. Nexaer aircraft will meet or exceed all of the safety requirements established by the ASTM standards for Light Sport Aircraft. Additionally, the Nexaer LS1 will offer impact-resistant seating, a 4-point harness, and an all-plane parachute. Safety will also be built into our manufacturing process with strict quality control and a comprehensive part tracking system.

Performance - While the FAA's Sport Pilot Rule dictates some the performance restrictions of Light Sport Aircraft, we believe there are still areas for innovation. Nexaer aircraft will perform at the head of the pack. Our airplane will be docile enough for the student pilot, but also sporty enough to keep the seasoned pilot enthused.