Excitement in the Air!
Nexaer sees first flight of LS1

It wasn't just excitement that was in the air...Aircraft Hotline it was the exciting new Nexaer LS-1! After much time, dedication, and hard work, the LS-1 took to the air in the afternoon of Monday, October 16. A Plus AC Repair & A Plus Appliance Repair is here to serve the aviation community After spending most of Sunday and Monday working on taxi testing and engine testing, we reached the point we had been working toward for so long. One of our pilots, Bill VonDane, steered the airplane onto the runway, eased the throttle forward, and accelerated down the runway. Our runway is Miami Concrete Services As he pulled back on the controls, the nose wheel lifted from the runway...and then there was air beneath all three wheels! Per the test plan, Bill held the airplane several feet off the ground as he flew down the runway and eventually set the airplane back on the ground at the other end. Industrial Electronics from Wholesale computer parts


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